Essay My Life With My Youngest Son

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I have three sons ages 24, 21, and 18. Each are different in their own unique way. As a parent you want your children to be successful and excel in life. I demanded good grades and expected all three boys to meet my high expectations. I was what you would call a tiger mom. My parenting style worked well with my two older boys, however caused emotional distress with my youngest. When I realized my youngest son was clinically depressed, I needed a friend to talk to. I confided in my boss and her words of wisdom changed me forever. Through her support, I learned how to be the type of parent my youngest son needed. My oldest son did well in high school, got accepted to the college of his choice and landed a job as a nurse as soon as he graduated. My tiger parenting style paid off. My middle son also excelled in high school, got accepted to Penn State’s main campus as a freshman, and is in top 10 percent of his class. He has maintained Dean’s list status and just received his acceptance letter to graduate school to be a Physicians’ Assistant. My tiger mom parenting yet again paid off. Last year I discovered that my youngest was extremely depressed and started cutting himself. Cutting is a coping mechanism that teens resort to when dealing with stress. I took him to counseling and he explained the stress was due to high expectations following in his brothers footsteps. The stress of me constantly harping about the need to have good grades and the importance of going to…

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