My Life With My Mother Essay

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Through the years my mother has been an iconic figure that I have looked up to. A woman with such a strong background of two degrees; one from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and one from Jefferson State Community College. My mother received her Associates Degree in Finance Administration from Jefferson State Community College, and is working on her Masters in Communication Management at University of Alabama at Birmingham, so succeeding in my academics is the only option. Educational values were heavily info-size, as a child by my mother. While my mother was in class doing work her husband would take us to sit and wait at her school just to show her how much we supported her decision of staying and completing school. My mother has always told me to “never allow a person to hinder your success or get in your way”. My siblings and I were challenged to see who could read and be finished with their homework by the time my mother got home from work. When my mother arrived home, I had to tell her what I read and show her what I accomplished. I found that through everyday discipline of practicing those exercises, when it came to struggling at my worst I would be able to overcome and turn it to my best.
Learning to read and write was not as difficult for me as much as it was for classmates around my age. In my classroom, I was always the student who challenged themselves to read out loud or volunteered to write on the blackboard. There were about 20 to 25 students in one…

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