My Life With My Brother Essay

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I was only nine when I had found out my father had another family; he had a wife and a son. My father had been living with them and would visit me at least once every two months or so, but as soon as I had turned nine, my father introduced my to my half-brother. He was a year and a third older than me. When they visited me, their visits were incredibly short; time seemed to fly by while I played games with my brother, but I later learned that it was my fathers wife who did not allow him or my brother to visit me and she had not known they were visiting me because they would lie. A few years had passed and she had finally accepted the results that I am alive and I was finally able to go to my fathers house and meet her. I had actually gone to my fathers house before while his wife was away on a cruise. My mother had told me a lot of stories about her past that involved my fathers wife, Sue, and they all seemed atrocious.

“She knew we were married” my mother said, “but, she still told me that, ‘She always gets what she wants.’”

I couldn 't believe someone could have done all those awful things, but nevertheless, I was going to meet this mysterious Sue that I had heard so much about. It was the summer of 2011 when I was invited to my fathers house to meet Sue. After hearing all sorts of stories about her, I was quite afraid and anxious.

Private thoughts: I really did want to go to my fathers house, so I would be able to hang out with my brother, but I was held…

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