My Life Through The Death Of My Late Uncle Essay

838 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
I learned to appreciate my life through the death of my late uncle. I realized the true meaning of life is to love it to its fullest and to get out of my comfort zone. Life is taught to be a journey a person has to go through. Mostly, life has followed my course of direction, such as overcoming obstacles. But, I was too stubborn to think that life is unpredictable and uncontrollable. As if I had known a day of November was the day I had known that life had taken another direction where I embarked a journey of finding my purpose in life. My uncle’s death had brought pain to my family, in particular, to me. I never had a chance to say goodbye because death had come more soon than expected for my uncle. It turns out that his life has ended its journey and toward another journey he will face. I ponder about what life brings to a person every day. I had come to a point that I have to consider what life offers me and how to overcome that obstacle. The best thing to start with is by making good decisions every day in my life. I live up to the words “The choices you make today will shape your tomorrow.” My uncle has made decisions in his life that he knew was right but was disapproved by others. I won 't say making bad choices will lead to bad luck, but it could shape your future. It was both ideas that moved me through the journey of life. Pretty soon, I began to appreciate my life as a human being and to be grateful for what I have. Every day I tend to carry the…

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