My Life That Influenced Me Essay

751 Words Sep 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
There is a saying by Mother Teresa that inspires me, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Instead of immersing in the serious events, I tend to observe minor things and gain lessons from them. Identifying one significant moment in my life that influenced me was not an exception. Instantly being captured in the flow of thoughts about my American Studies class, which I enrolled last semester, I realized that there is no need to look further to see how much I gained from this class. What I obtained was not merely the knowledge and skill the instructor conveyed, but also the alternative way of viewing what happened around me.
Despite, beyond my expectation, being one of the most challenging classes I have ever participated, American Studies is one of the classes that I remember most. The meticulousness of the requirement for each paper, from the enough amount of pages, the tricky MLA format, to the mandatory writing strategies, the diverse topic, and the research are the sources of my headache. I can sense the tension run through my body by imagining the minute right before I submitted my product, and the second before I received the result. Everything must stick to the requirements unless I want to lose points, and sadly I did. Missing points due to carelessness was inevitable, but not an easy feeling to swallow. However, I gained lessons from that, even though it took me a while to accept my mistakes, and transfer my disappointment into…

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