My Life - Original Writing Essay

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My son is struggling to breath as my hands clasp tightly around his neck. He is fighting back, not like he wants to live, more of a reactions to dying but not even that hard. The subtle taps he is giving me with the edge of his hands on my side of my shoulder as if we are practicing judo and he wants me to know I am almost to the point of hurting him. Only he knows why he does not fight back harder because he knows he deserves this or maybe because has been waiting for this.
When there is no more tension in his body I let go.
The wives’ tale is your life flashes before your eyes when you die and I guess I did die. Since I got my son back I have almost existed solely as a father and when I ended him, I ended me. My life flashes before my eyes. Not the whole thing, not the highlights, just how I got here, kneeling over my son’s corpse.

This vase, the first thing I see is this vase I broke of my wife’s. My wife and I were always too practical for art, we all ways found beauty in everything…we used to find beauty in everything. But after our first son Easu died of SIDS almost a year into his life, she took up pottery and her culminating piece was this magnificent vase. That she displayed prominently by the front door alone on a table that did not deserve to hold such a gem. She became pregnant again and did not dabble with art much after that, she did not have time, she was preparing for a child. When I was repainted Easu room for Jacob, I accidently nudged the vase on the…

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