My Life - Original Writing Essay

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“You really don 't know what you got till it 's gone.” The house that I came to know , love and cherish was getting pulled out of my life mentally and physically. At that point of time, I was a just a black nappy headed kid that prefered to be inside the house on a sunny day than out.
Nobody truly understood how much my parent’s house meant to me. It wasn 't actually the foundation, nor the looks which made me fall in love with the house. It was the vibe that was given off from the people in it,which made it very special. Mom was in charge of making the inside of the house look presentable and Dad was in charge of the outside. Dad really didn 't do much except for trimming the bush and cutting the lawn. But mom on the other hand, “sheeesh,” she use to polish the floor till it was pearly white,which compliment the sky blue walls. After a long day at work, Dad used to come home with a brown bag,which had a bottle in it. I never asked him personally about what 's in the bag, So I asked my mom. She told me whatever’s in the bag was none of my business and to leave it alone so I did. Whenever my dad use to drink the stuff that 's in the “brown bag” It made him unstable to walk. He would wobble her and tip over and fall there. I could see over time that whatever he was drinking was having an effect on him. Mom use to argue with him to stop drinking that “stuff,” but he wouldn 't listen. One day as my dad was catching some Z’s on the couch,I sneaked over…

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