My Life - Original Writing Essay

1912 Words Aug 6th, 2016 8 Pages
When I stepped in to my baby 's man cave he was looking sexy ass hell with his eyes low from smoking. I was so happy to see him until he asked me about Pinky and Pooch, I told the truth because he already knew. I didn’t know if he was going to kick me out or knock me out, he had never hit me before but he 'd never been this mad at me before. I 'm so glad he actually listened to Pinky instead of trying to fight which he normally does. Seeing Pinky breakdown killed me but the look on Dmitri’s face let me know that my girl had finally found the one. When he rushed off to the bathroom and came back after he 'd washed his dreads and sprayed himself down with Redd’s cologne I laughed because Redd’s special ass never stops cracking jokes but that was one of the sweetest things my love deprived ass had ever witnessed. Looking at how Pinky reacted let me know she loved him just as much as he loved her, I know some of you may think they are rushing things but I don 't. Shit how many people you know that have dated for years get married and the shit only last a few months. I say when you find love grab it by the horns and don 't let go unless that love isn 't returned. Pooch had taken over so much of Pinky’s childhood or should I say teen years that she didn 't have any friends and had never went on a date before Dmitri. I hated to break up their little sweet moment but I needed Pinky to practice the song I wanted her to sing tonight. I cleared my throat and Pinky was blushing, “sorry…

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