My Life - Original Writing Essay example

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Also. Dad and I both knew his purpose was lost, and I didn’t think it fair for him to push onto me the duty of figuring out how he would make use of the days left. I was 22, though may as well have been 18 for all I’d figured out about my life. I worked in outdoor pursuits while enrolled in undergraduate writing classes. I camped in the branch in the road, unsure about which track was mine. I wanted a role model, a guide through choices. Dad had written, but for only nine short years in a life bookended by confusion. He needed a Virgil through the thicket of death, and neither of us was willing/able to be the light needed for the other. My needs were perhaps demanding on a man facing the reality of strokes and a tumor. Dad was asking me about how to go about shaking Death’s hand. None of this was made conscious for either of us. For me, these thoughts were fleeting and animal, an instinct gnawing against the pressure my father was putting on me to help make sense of the end of his life when I was beginning of mine.

* Having summited many mountains, for me the moment that I most savor, but often forget to, is the midslope. Peaks are glamorous with their uninterrupted oceans of mountains or expansive deserts and prairies extending in cardinal directions. Bases offer clear, Romantic views of the Mountain itself. But lower altitudes offer promises that the tops can’t keep because I do not transcend on a mountain. I realize the hike is over, snap a picture, and angle back…

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