My Life - Original Writing Essay

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One morning, approximately twelve years ago, my brother, my cousin and I were sitting around in our little white walled bedroom, trying to figure out what to do. My brother Hunter, and my cousin DJ, started hitting each other with pillows. I was sitting on our multi-color bunk bed in our one window bed room thinking and trying to discuss ideas of something to do with the two non-devoted boys that were hitting each other instead of helping me find something to do. The room was lit by the sunlight coming in through the window. Our room was a bit messy, so we threw everything under the bed so it wouldn’t be in the way. There were still a few legos here and there, which left the floor a painful platform to walk on. To avoid stepping on the legos, we sat and thought for a good ten minutes, then, I had a brilliant idea to jump off of the top bunk onto the mattresses on the floor. The mattress was a whitish color, it was a queen size. That was stupid, I hurt my knee when I missed the mattress and hit the dresser parallel to the bed. My knee was throbbing. Hunter wanted to make a fort out of the mattresses and the bed frame but it was too small. I called him stupid for even thinking it would work and he got upset. I felt bad for calling him that because my idea was dumber than his. But instead of just sitting there, we started thinking again. Some of the ideas were crazy and should stay ideas, such as my idea.
DJ thought we should try to make a slide out of the mattress, so we…

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