My Life - Original Writing Essay

1048 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
I was fifteen the first time I went in. I didn’t really know what to call it. My mom called it a mental hospital kids at school called it the “crazy people place” I just called it treatment. I called it that because that word was the soundtrack of my life. I guess they wanted me to feel better, make it seem like I was getting treated for some kind of disease but I didn’t feel sick, I just felt completely out of my mind. I was terrified, walking through big doors striding behind some fancy doctor and a girl in blue scrubs who I swore couldn’t be over the age of 17. When each hallway ended and those double doors closed it felt like there was a period at the end of the sound, like it was the end of something. They locked and I knew there was literally no turning back. They brought me into the Rec Room but the patients called it “the freedom tree.” It was the only place we were allowed to roam freely, well for the most part. It also had a huge green tree painted on the wall. It was lopsided and sloppy but apparently it was supposed to be healing in some way, like we had scraped knees or twisted ankles. We all needed a lot more than a 3-foot tree to fix us. I looked around at the girls in the room. Jenny was 16, she was 5’3 and only 80 pounds. Her clothes were practically drowning her and I could see every bone in her body. She starved herself, she was on constant watch, I’ve never seen someone so disgusted by food. She was sitting on the couch next to Heather. Heather was…

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