Essay about My Life - Original Writing

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When I woke up my head was killing me. I guess I cried too long, I couldn 't remember much from last night. I had to go to the bathroom but when I tried to get up my arms and legs where cuffed to a bed. It all came rushing back to me. Someone had abducted me and I didn 't know where I was. I started screaming, a man came in the room and told me if I screamed again I 'd be a dead bitch, I told him, “I have to use the bathroom, please let me go,” he looked at me and said, “I can 't let you go, cause if you try to run I 'll have to kill you and if I kill you I wont get paid,” I had to try to get away, “paid by who? Why are you doing this to me I don 't know you so I know I haven 't done anything to you?” He laughed, “naw cuz I don 't fuck with disloyal bitches I don 't trust these hoes like boss man,” I know he wasn 't talking about me, “I 'm not a bitch or hoe. Who 's your boss, because when my brother finds out what you 're doing to me you and your boss will be dead,” he laughed again, “I ain 't afraid of no man, but I know yo brother ain 't bigger than Pooch and he 's paying us good money to hold yo ass here until he comes to get you.” Now I was pissed the fuck off, “that fucking coward. If you think that Pooch can protect you from Redd than you keep me here, but just know that Pooch works for Redd and I 'm his only sister. He will not stop until everyone who helped Pooch dies.” He looked scared, “bullshit, Redd ain 't got no sister. Plus why would Pooch cross Redd their…

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