My Life - Original Writing Essay

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New Me, New Year, New Zealand There were various places that I dreamt of visiting when I was a child. My whole life, I wanted to visit Spain because of it’s impressive architectural buildings, the culture, and history behind the whole country. Not to mention, the food in Spain is absolutely delightful. As I grew older, I became less fond of my desired destinations. I only cared to visit Spain because of its physical appearance other than to learn about the culture and history. I learned over the years to never “ judge a book by it 's cover.” To explain further, I have fancied numerous of places because they are portrayed as attractive in my eyes. Instead, I’ve decided to visit a place where I can learn more about its culture. Throughout the years of my life, my heart has created a burning desire for Queenstown, New Zealand. Not only is the country alluring, but the history and culture is particularly interesting which draws you closer to it. In the future, I plan on taking a break from my difficult life and taking a trip to New Zealand. Before I go to New Zealand, I need to figure out where to stay at overtime. Obviously, the longer you stay at a place, the more payments are due. With this attention, I plan on staying in New Zealand for a week in order to fix it with my busy schedule and budget. In this case, I have chosen two places/hotels for my stay: Millbrook Resort and Pounamu Apartments. To start off with, the values of these hospices are highly affordable.…

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