My Life - Original Writing Essay

995 Words Jul 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The glare of headlights in my rearview mirror contributed to the unevenness of my heart. I gripped the steering wheel and squeezed back tears as I sped through the summer night. Ahead were specks of light that sprung up. The tears in my eyes dried as I slowed to a stop. A couple women stood in the middle of a parking lot and they turned as I pulled up beside them. “Hey” One of the women said as she swished towards the car. “Hi” I smiled. “Welcome?” She shook my hand. “It’s good to be back in civilization. I’ve been driving for days.” I said. “So what’s your name?” She asked as her manicured nail rested under her sharp chin. “Destiny” “Nice to meet you, Destiny. I’m Wanda.” She said. The sound of another vehicle as it swung into the lot stole our attention. “Oh look, another newcomer.” The other woman said. “Interesting, Anette. We don’t usually get many new faces around here.” Wanda replied. Another woman emerged from the jeep. Her dark hair covered part of her face and when she looked up at me our eyes locked. I quickly looked away and pretended not to notice her intense gaze. “So what’s your name new girl?” Anette said as she crossed her arms. “Grace.” The girl replied without a smile then she directed her attention back to me. “Well, Grace and Destiny make yourselves at home.” Wanda grinned and led us inside the salon. My eyes grew wide with astonishment at all the young people chatting and drinking inside. “Is everyone in this town in their twenties?”…

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