My Life - Original Writing Essay

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As I thought about her belief in the land, sea, and sky, my ears began to hurt with the cold. I rubbed them with my hands and realized I hadn’t eaten and I better pick up lunch and return to work. Even though I worked at a Pizza place, I tried to limit my meals there to once or twice a week. As I emptied my pipe in the snow, I thought how comfortable I felt in my visions, and how uncomfortable I felt when they were over. Sometimes, I would walk in circles in my office to ease my anxiety that the people at work would find out about my condition. I would be fired as unreliable. Entering the café, I ordered a sandwich to go. As I waited, I saw a few couples at the tables. I wished I could find a woman to share my day with. I worried that she would find out the truth about my condition. If there were an economic benefit from the fishermen, she might cut me some slack. I began to feel nauseous, lonely, and hungry. I wished I could walk the streets with Vern and his brother. I wished I could walk the streets with Bao and my platoon. I wished I could help the sailors in my visions, but most of all I wished I had a woman to walk beside me and share my anxiety. Outside, the restaurant, I felt the wind as it wound around the building. I held the Ruben sandwich close to my chest, and hurried on to work. Sitting at my desk, I opened the wrappings of the sandwich. As I ate, I surveyed the columns of numbers. It calmed me, and I worked until five feeling as comfortable as walking…

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