Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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Astonished yet relieved, overwhelmed yet relaxed, confused yet lucid, my fourteen-year-old self stood lifeless, petrified by the contents that lay in his dilapidated, dingy crate of an armoire. Tranquility and composure had truly failed at the one time I needed their help the most, as these contradictory feelings took hold of my body. In that moment, when I saw what used to be my own clothes, it felt as if I had reunited with my former self, with what had been my precious and forgotten memories, with my youth.

Weary of the effects of the beating Filipino sun, with my shoulders locked, legs closed, back erect, I sat on Ran’s bed, patiently waiting for his return, while at the same time captivated by the few trinkets that adorned his rather bare room. The monotonous ticks from his clock succeeded in beating a sense of boredom and restlessness into my head. Gradually, this barrier that I had created with my body language had begun to crumble, as I grew curious to explore my cousin’s room in lieu of his momentary absence. For an innocent moment, I found myself entranced by the coarseness of his sheets; this eerily rough sensation, along with its morse-code-like bumps and faded pastels made it clear that those sheets had seen better days; but, my oblivious self failed to give it a single thought, distracted almost immediately by the next knicknack that yearned for my attention.
Struggling to break free from my fascination with his sheets, my eyes slowly eased their view away…

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