My Life - Original Writing Essay

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The city was crowded today, more crowded than I had ever seen before. My six year old self was very intrigued at the commotion all around. Downtown St. Louis was packed and I was full of excitement. Everywhere I turned my head more people seemed to pop up. Music was blasting, and the environment was light up with smiling people and cheery happy faces. All the streets were blocked off and lined with booths and tents filled with the most free samples I have ever seen. This was all I seemed to care about at the time. I clung on tight to my grandmother’s hand as we wove our way through the masses. As we walked we approached a unique group of woman standing together; they were different than the rest of us. Honored with pink t shirts that read survivor on the front. Many of them wore pink bandanas and seemed to not have any hair. My dad had told me it was from the medicine that made their hair fall out. I looked up at my grandmother, who I call grandy and pointed at the women. She smiled, always in a cheerful mood. They wore the same shirt as my grandy; she was one of them.
Our day was dedicated to these special women; the race was for their cause. It was the susan G. Komen walk for the cure, to celebrate the cancer survivors and fighters of this disease. My grandmother was a fighter, and still is today. That is who she is. I was only six at the time; walking in this race hand and hand with my grandmother through it all. We were at the race for her; I was there for her, but…

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