My Life - Original Writing Essay

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I had to see Amy right away, no matter what my family was saying. I had just seen her get shot only moments ago and am now getting told that that never happened. I need to talk to her. " You guys I feel fine, this is bigger than my pain. I really have to see Amy as soon as possible. I feel like my dream happened and I really need to talk to her." I said. My dad and the doctor gave each other a look before talking to me.
" I don 't think it is a good idea, but if you will only be a few minutes it should be okay. As long as your father is okay with it." The doctor said. My dad looked at me and I gave him pleading eyes. He nodded at me and I threw the blanket off with my good arm. My dad and I walk down the hall and I get flashes of what I thought the hospital looked like. My mind kept showing me trashed hallways and S.W.A.T members shooting innocent people. It kept happening until I recognized Amy 's mom at the end of the hall.
"Oh yeah? Well guess what, this is all your fault!" Amy 's mom yells into her phone and angrily hangs up. She looks around and sees us walking towards her. She gives me a look of sad eyes that I could tell weren 't genuine. My dad tenses up as she heads towards us in her loud heels. "I 'm so sorry this has happened to you. If my daughter wasn 't so incompetent I 'm sure you 'd be fine right now." Lacey said while tapping my arm as some sort of comfort. She glanced at my dad and then went back to punching something into her phone.
"I highly doubt Amy…

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