Essay about My Life - Original Writing

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I sit nervously on the edge of the bed in the room which has been my prison for nearly a week now. My hands are clasped tight on my knees as I inhale deeply, preparing myself. I really don’t have a choice in what I’m about to do and what I’m about to do, is what’s best for everyone, even if they don’t agree.
There’s a nearly invisible capture in the corner of the ceiling. It’s new and put there by Samuel.
He wants to make sure I do what I promised and I will.
I wait for the door to open, fidgeting with my jacket. After a long ten minutes, the door swings open and in marches an upset Jensen. His shoulder’s still wrapped tight, but the bruising on his face looks a lot better and his stitches have been taken out. “Where have you been, Crysta?” he demands. “You disappeared in the middle of breakfast, yesterday. You never finished eating.”
“When did you become my mother?” I snarl, instantly annoyed.
“When I realized that my so-called father hasn’t been giving you meals since we’re gotten back,” Jensen snaps. “Why didn’t you say things? He’s starving you.”
“He can’t starve me when I’m not hungry.”
“You’re telling me you have been hungry after over a week of no food and I know you barely ate anything when we were escaping Scelestus City. I saw you. When you thought no one was looking, you would put your portion back. You barely ate anything.” He pauses, taking a deep breath. “What were you thinking?”
“I was thinking we needed to make the food last and I really wasn’t hungry.” I…

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