Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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Do you know one fabulous girl that doesn’t own a piece of jewelry? It may be an over the top statement necklace, a simple ring with a symbolic colored stone or a flashy pair of earrings that belonged to her grandmother. Jewelry itself, whether it’s costume or 24 karat gold, is an individual’s way to express themselves without having to say a word. Girls can look and feel like a million bucks, without even trying, with the right piece of treasure.
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve aspired to be a designer. My mother was not an active part in my life, so I looked to older, working and classy women as role models. I admired women that were the total opposite of my mom. I remember sitting in my window and watching women go to work in their business suits looking like they had a purpose in life. I admired the way they put themselves together and would hustle everyday of the week to provide for their families. Every Sunday my grandmother would race me off to Sunday morning service. I can remember seeing all of the beautiful pearls, sparkly diamonds and crystal broaches the women of the church would wear. All of that bling represented respect, sophistication and style, in my little brown eyes. I knew from then, I wanted to be a part of that movement.
Over the years, Cristylish was born, (the beginning of my name, CRYSTAL + STYLISH). THE CRISTYLISH COLLECTION is a reflection of my taste and everything that I deem to be stylish. I love vintage pieces that you can…

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