My Life - Original Writing Essay

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My heart pounded as I took the book off the shelf. I told myself that it was not worth it, and yet, my conscience failed me at that time. My hands trembled with euphoria and adrenaline, two feelings that lured me into the deep abyss. I shoved the book inside my pocket, and as I did so, I felt a thousand eyes drilling into my back. I was too reckless back then, and as I thought back to the incidence, I did not really know my motives for doing such a thing. I nonchalantly walked down the stairs, yet my heart was a bass drum, beating at an uncontrollable tempo. I was six back then. I was an innocent child who grew up in a protected environment. In my neighborhood, children were rarely exposed to bad influences; therefore, my parents never expected me to do something out of the norm. My parents were the typical helicopter parents; they hovered around me, not allowing me to leave the house most of the time. I guess that is why I rebelled and did something out of my character. My mom would always take me from one class after another: art classes, violin lessons, and math classes. My schedule did not allow me to do the things I wanted to, so I resorted to spending my free time in bookstores that were nearby.
Bookstores were my favorite stores to shop in; not only were there books to read and decipher, but there were also stationeries to browse through. Kittens covered the pages on the notepads; apple-shaped erasers piled upon one after another; the pencils looked chic and were…

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