Essay about My Life - Original Writing

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From a young age, I always felt like the odd one out, I wanted to be just like my brother, I saw him as my hero, so smart, fun, and creative. Everything I didn 't see in myself, I have always been sassy, feisty, fearless, and rebellious. I wanted to be the center of attention because, I felt like my parents didn 't want me as much as they wanted my older siblings. We moved around a lot and our house was always full of different voices from family to coworkers, to friends, and that why there 's a small part of me that wants to be surrounded by people. As I got older I still looked up to my brother, he had so much going for him and I admired that, but I started struggling in school, I couldn 't read as well as the other kids, I couldn 't get the numbers like the other kids could, I felt like less of a person; my parents praised my brother for his grades and showed me leniency. My brother had so many friends and I had trouble making friends because kids took me being up front as being weird, I didn 't have a filter and I spoke what I thought, even if it didn 't make any sense. All of these changes I experienced within my environment closely relate to Rogers study because “out of the interaction of the organism and the environment, and in particular the interaction with significant others, there gradually emerges a structure of self, or a concept of “who i am” (1951). As young children interact with their environment in the process pf actualization, they acquire ideas about…

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