Essay about My Life Of My Uncle

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Cherish the Ones You Love My family and I have this bond that is almost too difficult to explain. The love that we have and share for each other is truly one of the greatest blessings. My uncle, being the oldest of the family, it was his job to hold us together. We were held by faith, love, and strength. It is absurd to fathom how everything can change in a matter of seconds. I always assumed, for some bizarre reason, that my family would remain as one that was until my uncle was called home.
Before my uncle passed away, everything felt ideal and complete. I looked forward to every afternoon because I was able to spend time with my grandparents, uncle, and aunt. Having their presence around felt comforting. Being surrounded by smiling faces and warm hearts was a feeling you receive from my family. I thought that because we were all so attached, we would stay together for eternity. Nothing and no one could tear us apart. After a few weeks I noticed a change in my uncle’s actions and features. He would not stop by my grandparents as much when his daily routine was to pay us a visit every day. From what used to be a strong, healthy looking man, my uncle had this delicate look painted on his face. His weight changed tremendously. He transformed from looking healthy, to looking so thin that I could almost see the bones in his body. That is when I realized that my uncle was sick.
The day my uncle took his last breath perpetually left a scar in my heart. Before my uncle passed…

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