Essay on My Life Of My Mother

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In the beginning, the tiny seed was planted in the rich, dark soil of my mind. My mother taught me how to be a nurturing and caring mother by her example. She showed me that I was important by always being present in my life. She worked sometimes, but she never let her work become the priority and most of my life I felt that she was a stay at home mom, even though she worked part-time at the library and taught art classes. She taught me about Jesus, the importance of having a relationship with Him, and she always prayed with me every night before bed. She made sure that I became a capable, young adult by teaching me how to cook, sew, and clean, which at the time, I can remember crying about. I was taught to treat others with kindness and to put others first. This was also not an easy lesson to learn, but she planted the seed and gave me the nutrients that I needed to grow.

I was in the seedling phase during my teen years, in need of more protection than ever before. I needed protection from the elements, drugs, alcohol, and from friends that did not really act like friends. Breaking my mother’s rules and hiding the truth much of the time made things challenging for my mother. Emotions ran high between us because of her need to protect me and my desire to have independence. Things that seemed to be extremely important at the time, like my school activities and time spent with friends, were more significant than anything else in the world, and although these activities were…

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