My Life Of My Family Essay

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Throughout my entire life, my identity has affected the way I’ve experienced the moments I’ve lived. Our identities are composed of the places we come from, and I originate from several places, like my church, the home of my parents, the small town in Rhode Island that I live in, and my diverse high school. Those are the few locations that have carved the young woman I am now.
Coming from multiple backgrounds, here in the United States and in Guatemala, I have adopted several lenses for viewing my life. One perspective I have is being Latina. I’ve lived in America my entire life, but in specific situations I have had to change from the role of being “American” and speaking English, to being Guatemalan and speaking Spanish. Both of my parents are Guatemalan, so whenever I travel to my parent’s country, I go to Boston’s airport and there I speak English. But when I am in Guatemala I speak Spanish and people immediately realize I am an American. In doing this, I break the labels I have been given as an American and Guatemalan and prove that I am more than just the side of Hispanic identity. Those moments are times that make me realize that my race will be important to me. My ethnic background has always been an essential part of my identity. In these moments I see that the origin of my parents doesn’t collide with my origin but mix well and create me.
Race and religion help explain who I am, but they do not necessarily tell what kind of student I am. In order to learn about…

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