Essay on My Life Of My Dad

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I was born in Fresno, California in 1977. My mom was nine teen when I was born. My mom and dad broke up before I was born. I mainly stayed with my mom, two aunts, or with my maternal grandmother. My dad would pick me for a couple of days a week until I was two. When I was two my mom started seeing my soon to be stepdad. After they got married my dad stopped coming around. I have not seen my bio dad since I was two. I grow up in yours, mine, and our family. I was my mom’s, my step sister was my step dad’s and my brother was both of theirs.
My mom was a stay at home mom until my brother was around eleven. My step dad didn’t want my mom to work at all. She eventually talked him into. She became a cook at high school. Only took her about ten years to him to agree to it. My step dad was a painter for most of the time while I was growing up. Right before I left home my step dad started driving semi-trucks.
I never met my biological paternal grandparents that I know of. I was very close to my maternal side of the family. I loved spending time with my great grandma (maternal grandpa’s mom) who would tell me stories of our family and how it was growing up. She passed away at the age of 93. I was also very close to my maternal grandma. She was 77 when she passed away. My best memoires grown up was with spending time with my aunties. I am very close with both of my aunties. One time of my life I was kind of close to my uncle.
Like most childhoods mine…

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