My Life Of A Toddler Essay

1282 Words Jul 7th, 2015 null Page
As I was rummaging through my old stuff, I came across an old photo of a toddler. Standing at approximately 1 and a half feet tall, a 2 year old African American female stood next to another baby’s car seat and “cradled” her. If one was to look at the picture, it can be assumed that the infant was crying. The two-foot two year old toddler that comforted the crying infant was a girl named Mausi Blessing Hodonu, this girl is me.
The 2 year old version of me shows a part of my personality that I still portray to this day. During the time of this photo, I believe I was at a party and heard my friend crying in the distance. As fast as my tiny legs could take me, I waddled over to her, immediately, and comforted her so she did not cry anymore. In the picture, I am seen wearing a white fur coat, which seemed to encompass my little body, with cheetah print trimming; continuing with my fabulous outfit, I was wearing a matching white cap that also had a cheetah print trimming. Furthermore, my friend, whose name is Titi, has the face of a child that just completed crying; she portrayed a bit of relief when her friend came to her rescue. Titi is wearing a black and red rose dress, with a red baby-sized pea jacket, along with a black and white bucket hat. It is evident in the picture that someone has tried to calm her down, by giving her candy. Even though she held on to it, the candy did not satisfy her wants. Like every other girl, Titi wanted attention, she desired everybody to focus…

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