My Life Of A Career Essay example

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“You have to be successful, you have to go to college, you have to a career, you have be superior to us economically, you have to be the difference in your family, and we are not going to let you throw that all away for some girl.” My parents would say every single day. That day was different because that was the day my parents found out I had a girlfriend.
I remember the day my parents found out I had an emotional relationship with someone their whole world was flipped inside out. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was laying down on my bed and my mother entered the room. I felt her presence hover over me and with a voice of disappointment, anguish, and in emotional instability, she asked me “What is this picture of you doing on the internet”, it was a picture me and my girlfriend at the time; kissing, my mother wondered if she had raised me like that, I felt as such a disappointment in front of my mother’s eyes. I began working hard to prove to my parents that I could handle an emotional relationship, I was mature, and most importantly I was focused on what I wanted and with an emotional connection with someone was not going to change that. I had secretly began that emotional relationship in March of the year 2014, and for five months it had been a secret from my parents, I did not allow a relationship come before my schooling being raised in a family where college is a number one priority I knew my priorities. When I was growing up the main reason parents found out there…

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