Essay on My Life Made Me Who I Am Today

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My life made me who I am today. Throughout my life I have been on a roller coaster. Moving along the tracks, but not smoothly. Explaining my traumatic story I am not trying to incriminate myself but rather have people learn from my mistakes. When it comes down to drinking, people may see it as fun, but trust me at the end of the tunnel a hangover starts creeping in. Not only could there be a hangover waiting for one but also death. Nothing in the world is superior without the inferior. The universe always finds a way to stay balanced. Eventually times will get tough and a person will have to either fight or flight. I chose to fight. My family, friends and I have suffered from my ignorant, selfish acts due to drinking. I learned a valuable lesson after each consequential, act.
It all began when I was born. Family has not been the strongest key for me. Of course, my family members love each other in their own way, but the way they show love scares people. It is no secret that Russians love to drown in alcoholic beverages. Except there are two kinds of people ones that can drink and have a good time while the others get wild and destructive. Turns out my family diverged into a combination of both. My aunt struggles being one of the women that should not be allowed to drink. She becomes violent and aggressive. Also the problem lies where, when she should stop drinking her mind speaks to her saying that one more drink will not hurt anyone. When in fact, one drink should be all…

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