My Life Lessons Essay

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Growing up I was always told no matter what you are doing God has a plan for you and if you listen to him you will end up in the right place. This is one of the many lessons my mom has taught me over my lifetime and this one has stayed true to my heart. I have learned lots of lessons throughout my childhood that I plan on passing on to my children one day including, importance of family especially during holidays, the importance of friendships and what makes a healthy relationship, and the most vivid in my life is the student-athlete lifestyle. What comes to your mind when you hear Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Well in my family the number one thing that comes to mind is family and food but the most important one would be family. Family is something that you don’t get to pick but no matter what they do you will always love them. I believe …show more content…
That means that school works always come first before anything including sports, friends or even events at school. An example of this would be in high school I was involved in a lot of different clubs and activities which would cause me to spend a lot of time after school helping out. I would come home and I would be expected to do my homework, papers, or projects before I could attend any of my select sports practice. My parents are both educators and they preached this to all of their students and the parents of these students also. They believed that the only reason you are allowed to play sports in school is if you have a high enough GPA and that is driven by your studies. I believe this is a very valuable lesson not only throughout high school but also in college because you have so much more free time and you also have many more responsibilities. That is the reason I will teach my kids this lesson from a very young age so they grow up with this

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