My Life Has Changed My Family Essay

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My life has been simple in middle school, I never had trouble making friends, but it was very hard to keep a friend for a long time. I always end up fighting with my friends. I didn 't only fight my friends, I sometimes even fought people that I didn 't know who the were. I was the type of girl who always got in trouble for the stupidest thing. For example one day I was going to the bathroom and the girl in front of me slapped the door at me, but the door never hit me, I still walked up to her and said "try me one more time" as I pulled her jacket. We both got in trouble and spend the day in school suspension. I was not the only trouble maker in my family, my sisters also got in trouble. In middle school, I used to ride the bus with my sisters and we used to fight random people. If one person said anything to one of us, we would all fulminate against them. One girl who fought my sister before used to ride the bus with us, we always end up fighting her every time she says something to my sister. Me and my siblings had a rule that was never said out loud, our rule was, "You fight one of us, you fight all of us". As I am writing this I now think we were the bullies, back in middle school it seemed like we were the victims.

My mom used to get mad at us every time she gets a call from school to pick us up. One time, me and my sisters jumped the same girl who fought my sister before, and we were sent home before we even went to first block. My mom used to ground us for days and…

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