My Life Has A Single Happiness Essay

1210 Words Apr 21st, 2016 5 Pages
veryone in our lives has a single happiness. It depends on the circumstances, perspective, and the feeling of us. In particular, my happiness is my own family because it gives me the strange warmth and it’s always around me. I never want to lose it. Therefore, that is important to my life and I always respect it. How come I say my happiness is the family. It has three reasons makes me think it is important in my life. At first, I think I am a lucky person because I always have my parents stay beside me. They never complain anything I do or mad at me. They always cheer me up and protect me. That makes me silly sometimes. However, my happiness makes me feel bad sometimes because I still see a lot of people don’t have their parents next to them when they are born. And also nobody sees the process of their growing up, nobody spoils them that makes they have to go the orphanage house. That place will help them to have a better life and teach them the education. It is a biggest sadness of them. They don’t have a gift when they came out and see the bright. Everything is dark light around them. That’s why I always respect every minute I had with my family. I remember I used to want to do my own business when I was 17 years old. At that time, I have a man introduced me the skin products and recommended me to work with him. I was interested about it because I thought I could easily make money by selling products and I felt confident in my talking. But it was not as I think. My…

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