My Life Experiences Influenced Me Essay

1224 Words Jan 12th, 2016 5 Pages
“Dashawn do this, and Dashawn do that. Dashawn do this, and Dashawn do that”. As a child, I was given many instructions by my elders in which I would follow without question. As I grew older, I became more inquisitive. I learned that many of the instructions that I was given by my parents were simply for my good, and to guide me in being better than them. Outside of school, my learning style is very self-sufficient, in which I would go out and research everything on my own. My parents’ life experiences influenced me to become self-sufficient within my life. They would often share their personal stories about their poor decision making, which caused me to do the exact opposite. They have installed morals, lessons, and forms of guidance to ensure my success. However, neither of them have graduated from high school. When it comes to school work, I cannot go to them for help. I have to take it upon myself to research by reading books, scholarly articles, and, newspapers to form my opinions about subjects. Sometimes, it would take many hours in the library, or even hours spent talking to mentors. I would often contact teachers for advice about direct experiences because of my parent’s ignorance within different subjects. I would turn to my male mentors to receive advice about manhood, and making smart decisions. I have learned from my parents downfalls in life. Due to their lack of knowledge, I wasn’t encouraged to join organizations outside of school. However, I knew that…

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