My Life Education Has Been One Of The Most Important Thing Essay

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In my life education has been one of the most important thing. Although I was not always the best student I made it a point to be in the class, paying attention as much as possible. That was not the case in many of the classes I was in though. I had trouble from a young age with certain subjects and because of that when I got to high school I was put into classes with people who were at the same level. The problem with that was that the majority of the students in those classes were as Adrienne Rich would say in her article Claiming an Education, simply receiving an education not claiming one (608). For a person who really cared about learning it was hard to be in the classes with the students who did not care. I remember I would get extremely frustrated with the other students when I would be trying to as a question to better understand what was being taught and they were screaming about things that had no point. It got bad enough that I would leave class just to get some sort of peace because my mind could not function with all the talking. But many teachers were helpful with that. They knew I would get my work done because of how much I cared so they did not mind if I would leave class for a few minute.
But I found out not every teacher is there to think of your best interest. The first teacher I learned this from was in middle school. At the time I was more into learning than anything else in my life. I loved going to school. I was even the student who enjoyed…

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