My Life As A Woman Essay

838 Words Jul 12th, 2015 4 Pages
If I were to wake up as a woman I would initially be shocked. I would probably think this was a deep seeded nightmare from the time I had a final on female hormones and their reproductive system. I would get up from my bed and look at myself with both a sense of fascination and horror. I would honestly be intrigued as to how something like this happened. I’d eventually find no reasonable explanation and give up, chalking up all my memories of being a male to being one really realistic dream. I figured in the end it didn’t really matter, why would it? Male or female, I’ve still got my life to live. Little did I know that due to a whole different set of stressors in regards to low self-esteem, expectations set by peers, and society’s harshly idealistic view of women, my female version would be in for a big surprise.
I would initially try to live my life as I did as a male. Yet something was off, I felt paranoid, scared even. Imagine my surprise when I realized everything in my life was exactly the same as I had “dreamt” it in my male dream. My family, my friends, even my pets were all just as I had remembered aside from the fact none had any recollection of my male version. I thought maybe the shock of the “dream” would eventually wear off, yet every morning I would wake into this nightmare. I would continue with my daily routines trying to understand what, if anything was so different now. Every day I feel as if I am being watched even though no one is around, every day I…

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