Essay on My Life As A Nurse Practitioner

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For years and years, and still to this day, I have been indecisive about where my future career will land. During my childhood years and CSI being my all-time favorite TV show, I always wanted to be an investigator. After CSI, Judge Judy was my new show and I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. It was not until I accepted my first job as an in-home sitter that I knew I would spend the rest of my life building a nursing career. My future holds the spot of a Nurse Practitioner, with an uncertainty of specialty. I dream to experience different specialties and eventually opening my own practice. It is in my hopes, that after reading this paper you have a better understanding of what a Nurse Practitioner is, the education and training behind becoming a Nurse Practitioner and the salary ranges of an RN, BSN and NP.
What is a Nurse Practitioner and what are they responsible for? A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Register Nurse who also holds a title in Master of Science in nursing (MSN). An important role of a NP focuses highly on leadership and management skills (Johnson & Johnson Services). A NP carries a specialty in nursing and works under the supervision of a physician. What is a specialty, you ask? Specializing in a certain field of nursing, such as adult health, psychiatric-mental health, home health, pediatric, gerontological are just a few of many specialties of nursing (All Star Directories). Nurse practitioners are responsible for prescribing medication,…

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