Essay on My Life As A Dental Assistant

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Hello, let me introduce myself. I am eighteen years old and the youngest of a two child family, I have an older brother, he also attends College of the Ozarks. My father works at an aluminum processing plant throughout the week and has been pastoring for over thirty years. My mother is a dental assistant. As imaginable with this family situation, I’ve been attending church services and events sense infancy. Through the experience of switching from private schooling to public high school and then coming to college, there has been one consistent prominent influence in my life, Jesus Christ. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior on November 9, 2009, directly after the Sunday School class of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. However, even Christians are not excluded from the struggles of living in such a wicked world. Luckily, having a pastor as a father comes in handy when in need of scripture or wisdom during one of these trials. Throughout the last year or two I have experienced a deep connection with Hebrews 13:8 (KJV), which says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday and to day, and for ever.” As most every individual, the older I have gotten I have learned to both fear and appreciate my own mortality, and how short it can be. Growing up a preacher’s child allowed me to see another side of church and be very involved in the workings of the congregation even from a young age. My family and I rarely attended churches that had large youth programs, so I was blessed with…

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