My Life After The United States Essay

1297 Words Sep 26th, 2016 6 Pages
After 39 years since the U.S officially pulled out of Vietnam, most of the Vietnamese still talked about the United States as the dreamland of freedom and opportunities. ¬Not to mention how much I had been wishing to be in this dreamland. Surely, when I had been waiting long enough, a new chapter of my life was coming. It was 2014 when I was unbelievably at the U.S Embassy of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to participate the applicant interview to settle my new life in the United States. On the night before the interview day, I kept reminding myself that this might be the only chance to restart my life, and have brighter future for my family. With this in mind, I checked my supporting documents over and over again because I did not allow myself for any mistake. Then turning off the lights, and leaving only a small yellow dim light which was just bright enough for a small area in my bedroom. Barely seeing anything, I slowly lay on the bed, and put my arm on my forehead. Although my eyes were closing, lots of things were still on my mind - I could not sleep. I was remembering about a month ago when my Dad asked me to prepare for this interview at the U.S Embassy. Before that, I used to have a dream to study aboard when being in the high school. Suddenly, life hit me so hard, push me through a rough time. In order to survive and help out my family, I had to find a job. That it had been too long and I had been too busy with my struggle life made my dream faded away until my dad brought…

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