Emotions In The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a diversified battle not only in race, but in circumstance. Men were forced to leave their families to take part in gruesome battle. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed not only in combat, but in the homes of the anxious loved ones left behind.
A small town boy, born in 1948, was filled with eager anxiety as his eyes readily scanned the draft letter stamped with his name just nineteen short years later. Emotions surged through the minds of the young newlyweds just beginning a life together. Lawrence Foster’s wife expressed abundant support when he departed for boot camp at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
Foster labored through several boot camps including Fort Bragg, Fort Polk, and Okinawa. Though the food was bland and the
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The USS Transglobe became these men’s temporary solitude. On their voyage to Vietnam, the boys became familiar with each other through boyish pranks and giddy tricks. Though a myriad of laughs and smiles were shed, these young men would soon learn the true meaning of war.
In a few days the ship docked in Vietnam. Foster, along with his new acquaintances, was given orders to carry cargo to the ammo dumps for lack of a truck to escort materials. Sweat beaded on his brow as Foster transported tons of ammo in his trailer. The hot, sticky, heat seemed to consume the truck along with its passengers. These trips soon became a way of life for these six men; however, Foster had his own way to keep in touch with his old world.
While Foster was aboard the USS Transglobe, he and the other men were obligated to entertain themselves. Aside from the gimmicks and late night conversations, Foster troubled himself with the thought of his wife. He wrote to her every night because she was his salvation. His wife and God were truly the reasons that he made it through the war as well as the rest of his
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Mr. Foster was and is a very strong man. When he returned from war, he was suicidal for twelve long years. He used support from his family as well as a group of strangers to overcome this. War taught him that growing up is very important, along with forgiveness. Foster has revisited the places he fought several times to do mission work. God was with the young man on his journey, and that is more than he could have asked for. He is blessed with the life he leads today, and we are blessed to have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person. Mr. Foster, you have inspired us in ways unimaginable, and for that we are extremely grateful. Thank you, Mr. Foster, for your service to our country, and your willingness to give your story to the world rather than keep it locked up in your

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