My Life After Summer Break Started Essay

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Three years ago, my mom was offered a promotion. Her passion for her old job began to dwindle. This offer was like icing on top of a cake for her. The catch was our family had to move to Indiana. This was a really big decision for all of us, but most importantly for me because I was the deciding factor. I thought to myself what it would be like to be around something completely different. All new people and a whole new life. I arrived at the conclusion that it was time to move; not just for me, but for my mom.
The move to Indiana happened right after summer break started. Our house sold right away once on the market, so it gave us only a couple of weeks to get everything packed and moved out to Indianapolis. With every box put into the moving truck, I felt a piece of me melt away. I started second guessing myself if this was the right decision. Even if it wasn’t, it was too late. Everything was out of my childhood home. It was time to go and never come back. Before I left, all of my friends came to send me off, giving me my favorite scented candles and notes saying to never forget them. I would never forget my first group of friends. My best friends. After all the sappy goodbyes, I plopped in the car starting to tear up. I had to keep it together to show I was not afraid and I was ready. I waved out the window until we turned the corner. I was not ready and I was utterly terrified.
We didn’t go straight to Indianapolis. We took a detour to Random Lake, Wisconsin. This is…

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