Essay on My Life After High School

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My style of writing is in chronological order describing events that occurred from my parents getting a divorce to now. The use of a narrative is not to receive pity for my past but to be taken seriously and praised for the individual I am now. With their divorce came motivation after my younger half-sister was born, to become a person in the medical field that specializes in helping infants and children. As a daughter of a broken family hardships in my life began my determination to do something with my life and do what my parents never did, which was continue their education past high school. Having new obstacles reach my path I was shown a different side of the intelligent, loving person that I am. I grew stronger as an individual after each different experience.
Parents and Relationship
My parents are Jesus Vasquez and Aracely Franco. Both of my parents were born in Agua Prieta Sonora and came to the United States for better opportunities. My parents went to school up until high school were they did not continue their education into college. As both their educations ended, my mother became a banker and my father became a setup manager at a hotel. A few years later they had my sister and then me. My sister and I were born and grew up in Phoenix Arizona. Life was good, spending most of our day in school receiving straight A’s. As life went on my parents love for each other faded and they filed for divorce. Our house was sold and my mother, sister, and I were moving to…

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