Essay about My Life After A Marriage

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Perhaps for numerous people, having that much “trauma in a marriage,” they would have placed their religion on a shelf to take out occasionally, and move on with their social life after a divorce. Yet, as I said, I always had a burning desire to understand more than just surface meaning regarding spirituality. I loved God and Christ dearly, and became plagued why I did not fit the Christian mold, why I did not fit into the square box of the Christian lifestyle like various other wives.
Even still, I perpetually experienced an enter intuition that there had to be much more. Accordingly, just as I had within my marriage, I continued my religious studies; however, with a calmer spirit now, with a refreshing freedom and landscape. Later on, this glorious freedom I had obtained prompted an ‘awakening’ with God. Subsequently, “out of the blue,” I experienced an H-U-G-E midlife crisis that usually would have taken place with a man, but my encounter was most unexpectedly with the LORD.
It occurred around Christmas, 1990, and I can remember right before my encounter feeling as if I were at a crossroad; praying for guidance concerning life’s numerous meanings, feeling somewhat mystified by the confusion and perplexity within the world and such. I cannot recall exactly what happened, for there transpired a sequence of events that led into the encounter of “my awakening;” however, the power and connection of God’s sexual presence transformed into a reality. It emerged as though my…

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