My Library At The Library Essay

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My Library Experience
It was Saturday morning and I was to meet my fellow classmates in the library for orientation. I walked in and did not see anyone. I got a pain in the pit of my stomach because it was 9 AM where was everyone? I asked the young lady at the desk and she told me to go the first room on the right where the computers are. As I walked in, I saw familiar faces and a different instructor, Ms. Richards. I signed in, took a handout and sat down. In my mind, I was thinking there is a class on how to use the library? For the next hour and a half we discussed topics on how to navigate through the library website, the many services the college library has to offer the students and what the process is for checking out books.
The way to access the Houston Community College Library home page is through the HCC home page at Once you are on the HCC homepage look at the tool bar at the top and click on the word Libraries, this process will navigate you to the HCC Library webpage. You have accessed the HCC Libraries home page and there is so much information you can use. Some of the thing you can access is e-books, which come in handy when you are on the go, you can also ask a librarian for personal assistance and my personal favorite was articles on the different formats of essay papers. I was overwhelmed because I wanted to go through everything and Ms. Richards was moving along to the next question and I was still on question one.
When I caught…

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