My Letter For A Car Garage Waiting For My Car Essay

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I was in the parking garage waiting for my car, I was emailing some of my employees when my driver finally pulled up. I opened the door and slid on to the leather seats, the car pulled off smoothly heading in the direction of my house. The radio was playing soft jazz, the windows were tinted and the lights were dim. I felt my phone buzz and for a complete second I thought it was Charlie, but she wasn 't coming back. I had lost her, I refused to pick up my phone just so I could have the thought that it was her still.

The car had stopped in front of the park by my house, the park that Charlie and I shared Happy Meals. The car turned off and then I was in alarm, I had a Champagne glass ready when the door opened slowly. To reveal Charlie, she was wearing just a long jacket and she had that slick smile on her face.

"Missed me?" She smiled and I had to pinch myself.

"What happened to Har-" I slowly pointed to the tinted windows.

"I killed him," She laughs and I stopped talking "Just Kidding, I don 't kill randomly" I let out a sigh of relief.

She slid in the car closing the door behind her, "I needed to see you Levi, You 're all I think about," and Charlie held my face in her hand. "I will give up everything to be with you Levi, I think I love you".

"Charlie," I began but I didn 't know what to do. I wasn 't mad at the fact that she was sent to kill me, I was mad that she kept it from me so long. I knew she wasn 't using me or trying to hurt me, but she didn 't trust…

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