My Learning Disability Of Reading And Writing Essay

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Throughout my life, I have been raised and attended schools here in Naperville, Illinois. I attend Steeple Run Elementary, Jefferson Junior High, and Naperville North, which are all in District 203. Each of these schools are co-ed and public. Recently, my high school is ranked within the top 100 of the best public high schools within the nation. For each of my schools, especially high school, the curriculum is structured more informally than formally. This means that we, the students, are giving to do more of the thinking and doing process rather than the teacher. Looking at now, I really appreciate it because it helps me be prepared coming into college where students are supposed to do more work outside the classroom. This district definitely helps prepares students to be in the best position they can be for the following grade and especially college. Although education is one of my main priorities, I have weaknesses that holds me back. The biggest drawback is my learning disability of reading and writing. I deal with the struggle of comprehending the important factors out a textbook when I read it. Sometimes, when I attempt to write notes, I will write down every word of the section I am supposed to read. This also reflects when I take quizzes and exams. Sometimes I cannot comprehending what the question is asking me and how to answer it, which reflects off my overall score. Another weakness I face regularly is my preparation/ study skills for courses that are more…

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