My Lapd Group Presentation Of Myself Essay

1178 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
There were 12 members in my LAPD group presentation including myself. It was my first time having to work with people that I have just met to produce a 50-minute presentation. Before forming a group, I was worried as we are to work in big groups and group size is one of the main factors that may affect a group performance. At first, I felt like we could not delegate our roles equally, as I had past experiences of doing most of the group work. However, during the first workshop, our tutor gave us guidelines for the roles needed and that, ground rules are compulsory in each team and to be submitted. This made me felt reassured, as students who would not want to be penalised, would follow the guidelines given. Ground rules are vital especially when working in a group because it addresses anxieties which are directly raised by the group.
In terms of communication platforms, we have formed a group on both Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook was used for uploading minutes of meetings and files, whereas WhatsApp is used for communicating with the group. Effective communication within a group is vital in order to build trust and cooperation within team members.
Roles were delegated fairly to each member of the group according to the Belbin’s team model. As I had prior experience working in teams and prone to challenges; the shaper role in Belbin’s role, I took up the role to be an organisational team leader. As an organisational team leader, I was in charge of setting goals and…

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