My Journey Towards Becoming An Intervention Specialist Essay examples

1221 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Throughout the semester I have grown tremendously as a future educator. I have learned quite a bit of knowledge that I will take with me as I continue my journey towards becoming an Intervention Specialist. . One of the biggest pieces of knowledge that I have learned over the semester is how to be a positive influence in my student’s lives. Through my positive influence in the classroom, I have challenged my students to think critically and held high standards that reached their highest thinking capabilities. I planned a lesson that dealt with 3D shapes (cones, pyramids cubes) etc. I challenged my students to first understand the makeup of these shapes, and then to extend their thinking I took it a step further and had them identify cones, pyramids, and cubes in the classroom. By holding high expectations for my students, they had high expectations for themselves. I learned how to act in the classroom to best model respect and show compassion for my students. I always encouraged them to do their best when writing in their journals and completing tests. I also took time to listen to them and address their comments and concerns in the best way I could. I often talked to a student who was having trouble adjusting to a new school. We came up with an organizational tactic that included sticky notes to help him remember his homework for that day. Through this new organizational tactic, he was able to better adjust to the hardships moving to a school brought and it helped him…

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