Essay on My Journey Towards Becoming A Teacher

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After looking more closely at these articles, I feel so much more knowledgeable about this problem of many people misunderstanding Latino families and their children. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed, especially with the influx of English Language Learners in schools and also because I want to teach in Chicago, where there is a huge population of diverse cultures and English Language Learners. There is more information that I will need to look at and continue to look at as my journey towards becoming a teacher continues. There are many benefits for teachers being aware of these problems that involve people misunderstanding Latino families and forming parent programs that aren’t benefiting them. Each of these articles offered a multitude of information on English Language Learners and what they need in order to succeed in education and in the future. Looking at my first article, “Creating Schools that Support Success for English Language Learners,” I wish that the authors also took a look at how these parent programs that are being implemented aren 't actually benefiting the target audience that they should be reaching, Latino families and other families of diverse cultural backgrounds (2010). I was ecstatic when I found my second article on print-related practices in low-income Latino families and how it really opened my eyes to the values and beliefs that Latino families have about education. Just as my fellow peers and I have learned in a lot of our…

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