My Journey Towards Becoming A Teacher Essay

2269 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 10 Pages
Overall, CI 201 was a very beneficial class for me to take in my journey towards becoming a teacher. One big takeaway I have from this class is to be innovative with technology and to use it to do things that would be difficult to do without using technology, rather than using it just to use it. I think this will be very important for me to keep in mind as I start my teaching career because as the amount of technology available to students increases, I will have to think of ways to use it in my classroom that will make learning the different content both engaging and effective for my future students. I learned many different technological tools that I have learned will be beneficial to use in my future classroom. One project that I really enjoyed was the Digital Storytelling project, where I got to use iMovie on my MacBook in order to create a story about myself. I liked this project so much because it was fun to make and could easily lend itself in many different content areas. For example, I can see my future students using a program like iMovie to create book reports for literacy or to make PSAs or newscasts about a topic in social studies. I think this is a really good tool that can be used for all different aged students and can cover all subject areas well. In lab, I really enjoyed doing the Breakout EDU activities. I thought it was a really fun way to collaborate with my peers and I think it would be really fun to use in a classroom setting with kids, either to…

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