My Journey Towards Becoming A Teacher With Embodied Goals Essay

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On one’s journey towards becoming a teacher with embodied goals that are still awaiting fruition are all based upon the desire as well as necessity to know one’s students, in order to meet their diversity of needs. As one’s goals are still developing and evolving they are all heading towards the ultimate achievement, which is to promote and enhance learning. The success of our students is mirrored upon ourselves, were teaching provides a path for the students to face the challenges of later life, in becoming articulate as well as globalized citizens of the 21st century. One’s teaching goals are influenced by their interpretation as to the purpose of teaching, not only to be envisioned as a means of regimented education with the final goal being sitting for an exam, but more importantly to teach students to become critical, creative and thoughtful thinkers. The goals that I am aiming to achieve as a teacher is to be able to inspire, to nourish creativity as well as independent thought, to prepare students to the ever emerging demands of the 21st Century and lastly to address the issues of social diversity. Personally my belief is that this vocation is one of a never ending cycle of self-learning as each day brings forward new concepts and ideas to be tried in this ever changing occupation, in order to meet the diversity of student needs as well as understanding the demands that will be placed on students by future society.
To inspire Students
As a preservice teacher one of…

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